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    Whenever I attempt to initiate a hotsync over bluetooth [USB is not an option due to x64 vista] the hotsync manager opens, closes, opens, closes, opens, closes on and on until the phone times out and the cycle ends. No user name is identified in the hotsync manager and no log is produced. I have UAC disabled and have attempted every compatibility mode option. The manager is running with administrative privileges.

    Anyone encountered this behavior?

    I have tried it with Palm Desktop 4.1.4E and 4.2. I'm using an unlocked Treo 680.

    20070609 UPDATE:

    So it wasn't Vista, it wasn't even x64 that had me down. All that it took was a soft reset on the phone [determined by trying bluetooth and USB sync on XP32 and encountering same close-open cylce]. If you are experiencing any of the above noted symptoms, try soft resetting your phone.

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