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    For those of you who like me feel that Opera Mini is the greatest application ever conceived of for the mobile phone, here is the latest info on the upcoming beta version:


    Thanks for signing up to receive updates on Opera Mini Dimension, our newest preview release. We just wanted to give you a bit more information on what we promise is coming soon.

    - Dimension is a complete rewrite of our code - making Opera Mini cleaner, faster, and even easier to use
    - It's still small and fast but now has much richer support for Web standards
    - We simply love it

    Stay tuned for more updates as we get closer to the launch. In the meantime, feel free to pass along this email and tell your friends about Mini.




    Your Opera Mini team

    Opera Mini: making the real Web available to nearly EVERY phone since 2006. 15,000,000 people and counting.
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    I'll have to be sent into the 65th dimension to even consider using Opera. UGH.
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    too bad for you dude, Opera Mini's pretty great.
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    I think it rocks!
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    Will it still require java?
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    It causes too many freezes. I hope the new version makes it more stable.
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    I can load pages with Opera lighting speed faster than with Blazer. So anything Opera is welcome.

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    I prefer Opera over Blazer as well.

    Anyway to register it as the default browser?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill Gamble View Post
    Will it still require java?
    DOesn't the Foleo have Opera browser on it? I think is should not be too long before a version of that is ported to the Treo no?
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    Maybe a Linux OS Treo, but not Frankengarnet
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    Quote Originally Posted by khaytsus View Post
    I'll have to be sent into the 65th dimension to even consider using Opera. UGH.
    Sometimes you got to give things a chance. I know people that are opionated and never try new things and miss out on greatness.
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    I know this isn't about the Foleo, but will the Foleo version support tabbed browsing?
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    Quote Originally Posted by migs View Post
    Sometimes you got to give things a chance. I know people that are opionated and never try new things and miss out on greatness.
    I've tried Opera on a PC. Ugh. I tried Opera on the Treo. Double-ugh. Java, ugh.. Operas look, feel, and general clumsiness, ugh.

    Thank god Google Maps for Palm came out, I had KMaps installed, figured I'd try Opera since I already had the Java pork installed. Deleted it pretty fast.
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    I'm writing this right now from Opera. I can't imaging browsing smoothly with Blazer the way I do with Opera. The only problem I see is the Java engine. But if they can make it a stand alone app that would be awesome.
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    Before I discovered Opera, web browsing on my 700p was not even an option. Blazer is just that bad.

    Now the combination of Opera Mini and Font Smoother make surfing a pleasure.

    Opera Mini is the only app that locks up my Treo and I do usually end up reseting a couple of times a day but considering how valuable it is, it is a very small price to pay.

    I'm assuming that the new version will require Java as well. I think that writing it in Java is what makes it so widely compatable with phones.
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    I agree about Java...that alone makes me skip out on this app. Even though I have ton of memory I just don't want to use Java. Google Maps used to require it but now it is native, hopefully Opera can do the same.
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    hope it'll support typing underscores _
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    I just tried out OperaMini on a 700p and 750 yesterday. I am impressed. With the right fonts, it looks great on both and is faster than anything else. But it is honestly MUCH faster and more stable on the 750.
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    Too early for screen shots?
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    The beta is not out yet. Hopefully soon!
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