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    I normally hook my 755 into the charger when I use PDA net to use my phone as a modem. I did this so that my battery would not run down. When I do this my phone always gets hot, causing the screen to go dark, and the keys to light up.
    Today I was too lazy to get up and hook up the charger. I noticed that my LED showed red I was wondering what that meant since I was not charging the phone. About 30 mins later, I noticed that the LED was green. I looked at my phone and noticed that the battery was fully charged, and the phone was not hot. . Is a USB connection supposed to also charge the phone? My phone charged, and stayed charged while connected.
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    I know that my 650 and 700p have both charged from the USB connection. I would expect that using the phone as a modem would drain the battery faster than the USB connection would charge it.
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    USB will charge it. How well depends on the USB port on your computer.

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    Yes, the USB port will charge the phone. This has always been possible, but two things have prevented it in the past. 1) Some past Treo's USB cable didn't have the wires to pull power from the USB port, but aftermarket cables were available to do this. 2) Some laptop and USB hub ports do not provide power, or the power is turned off, and this has caused confusion for some people.

    Charging the phone from a USB port is slower than using your normal charger, but it works fine as long as your USB port's power is turned on.
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    I usually just use the normal charger because with battery usage I have had multiple occurrences where I need to quickly charge my phone 2x a day.
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