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    I am looking into some ebay items of "unlocked Treo 680 crimson" for my friend and from the picture I notice it's branded "at&t" in the right-top corner of the device.

    I own a treo 680 directly from Palm store purchased last year - what's the difference between at&t model and palm unbranded model, software patches? In terms of daily usage, any big difference?

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    The AT&T phone has a firmware update, the Palm unbranded one does not. One would hope that this is only temporary, but...

    Regardless, it's not a big deal either way. If anything bugs you about the AT&T you can reflash it.
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    Thanks. The treo 680 from at&t is unlocked at buy-time or locked which later can be unlocked by some serviceman?
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    The AT&T Treo would be locked to AT&T and your Treo purchased from Palm would be Unlocked. You could probably have it unlocked later by a service...

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