View Poll Results: Did the update reduce the number of crashes your Treo has?

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  • My Treo hardly ever, or never, crashed, so I can't tell.

    2 9.52%
  • My Treo crashed frequently but hasn't crashed since installing the update

    4 19.05%
  • My Treo crashed frequently and is still crashing despite installing the update

    5 23.81%
  • My Treo crashed infrequently and hasn't crashed since installing the update

    4 19.05%
  • My Treo crashed infrequently but now crashes despite installing the update

    3 14.29%
  • I had difficulty installing the update or there isn't an update for my Treo

    3 14.29%
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    Another poll found that (as of 6/8/07) ~62% or respondents had a crash either the day they responded or within a few days of responding. Since that is a significant number of respondents, I'd like to know whether the update patch (assuming you successfully installed it) reduced the number of crashes. Thanks!
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    Again can't find a suitable choice among on the poll choices.

    My Treo crashed almost daily, one to three times, before the update. After the update seems more stable, has crashed twice in four days - an improvement but not a cure.

    The jury is still out on this one.
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    IMHO the MR is not really the cause of crashes. The PalmOS and the crappy way software is installed/uninstalled and backed up is the culprit. Before the MR I had my Treo to the point where I was getting 1-2 resets/day; bad but livable. I did a hot sync, a backup via NVbackup and a hard reset before I did the MR. My first plan was restore via Hotsync, that created a ton of resets and apps that I had deleted days or weeks before were somehow restored. My second plan was to restore via NVbackup, this reduced the resets by about half (no magic reappearing apps) but still not acceptable. I then did a 3rd hard reset and installed apps one or 2 at a time. That did the trick - no resets in about 40+ hours.

    This leads me to believe that removing apps via Palm's uninstaller still leaves a lot of "stuff" on your Treo and that "stuff" somehow gums up the works. This "stuff" is still in your backup folder along with other things that you deleted ages ago. So the net here is IMHO that your backup folder is full of crap from whenever and if you are like me and like to try out a lot of software then you're going to make a mess of your Treo eventually. I would recommend doing a backup (not hotsync) of your Treo before you install anything that way you can revert to a "known good" condition. If you decide you don't like the app you installed restore from the backup instead of deleting the app, taht way you won't have any leftover "stuff" from the deleted app.

    I think that this would explain why some people have lags and resets while others don't. It would also explain why your phone become less reliable over time.

    We need a decent diagnostic program and file manager that can decipher what belongs and what doesn't something akin to the registry cleaner products you see for windows. I know Northglide makes something like that it works by comparing the creator ID of a file to a set of known creator IDs but their definitions don't seem to me up to date and the process of rooting out what belongs and what doesn't is painfully slow.

    So if anyone at Palm is paying attention it would be nice to either acknowledge what I'm saying or better yet give/sell us the tools to figure it out.
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