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    I was one of the fortunate ones that actually had a slow, but stable treo before the MR. After the MR installation, I found that on occasion, Blazer would just reset the treo for no apparent reason.

    ##377# is messed up and tells me my crash happened on 07/02/07 before the MR installation. So I have no idea of what's going on with Blazer.

    Anybody else have similar problems with Blazer? Anybody with a solution?

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    I have had an issue with Blazer causing my phone to reset both before and after the MR. I haven't been able to find any specific cause either. With the MR, it either opens Blazer right away or sits at a white screen till it finally resets. The only thing I can say for sure about it is that it likes to fail and cause a long reset whenever I need to use it the most
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    I also am getting the long white screen and occasional reset while opening Blaser. Closing is quite rapid though.
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    Same here Blazer is reseting more than before the MR. Do any of you have Keyguardtime+ installed?

    This might be the problem. Worked before the update though. I'm still testing...
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    Blazer works fine for me, not much reseting here.

    Unfortunately after the MR the ##377# error report function is not working correctly for most of us, tracing the cause of a reset is now more difficult.
    Have a great one...Doc D.

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    This may be a fix for post MR install Blazer crash. It is a fix for a post MR install Blazer slowdown.,51685.0.html

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    I'm currently in the process of testing my own theory as to these resets. Like others here, I have had problems with getting a white screen for a long then my palm reseting on occasion. My theory is based on a class I took in college on the HC11 (I know, shouldn't apply but hear me out!): The HC11 had a option watchdog feature which, in short, would attempt to detect when the processor had "crashed" (infinite loop, etc) and would reset itself. My guess is that the PalmOS/Treo *may* have such a feature in it's software. When the DB Cache get's too full to open Blazer, the PalmOS tries to free up memory. During this time, since Blazer isn't loading fast enough so PalmOS gives up thinking there is an error and resets!

    I know, sound pretty far out there, but I have installed Flu****! On my Palm and told it to free the Cache whenever there is less then 5mb free before tarting an app. Since then, It's kicked in multiple times but I have yet to have a reset AND Blazer has always loaded right away.

    I'd be curious to see if anyone else can reproduce these results. BTW, I have no idea if my theory is true... think of it more as a hypothesis then a theory

    Some other interesting notes:
    - PTunes, BeJeweled, DialByPhoto, and Blazer seam to be the big three DB Cache guzzlers
    - I do have KeyGuardTime+ installed so my results do not rule that out as being the culperate, although I don't see how it could.
    - If you use Flu****!, having it work when you turn your palm off could bite you when playing music in PTunes and you turn off your palm! You have been warned... (this is why I only have the cache cleared at App Start!)
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    Had the reset issue when opening blazer pre-MR, especially after working with large databases: Avantgo, OnDemand, etc. Have yet to reset post-MR. Just testing switching between OnDemand and blazer. Haven't installed Avantgo yet so we'll see. I'm speculating that blazer resets happen frequently when <15MB ram. I'm trying to keep available ram >30MB.
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    After disabling Keyguardtime+ to show time automatically, Blazer has not been reseting since. I still have Keyguardtime+ active to show time while holding a hard button only without any problems.

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