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    I have done some searches, and found someone that had this problem with a Treo 650, but not a 700. Their was no solution for the 650, and I was wondering if anyone else has seen this, or if I need to get a new phone.

    Quite often when I turn my phone on, I get a garbled image. If I go to another app. it goes away. I also have some of the text in the tasks app. overlay the buttons at the bottom if I page down and have some multiple line tasks. This stuff is very annoying, and I thought for sure it would go away with the MR, but it hasn't.

    I have copied his image here, as it's exactly like mine.
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    There may have been no solution with the 650 but I can think of one solution...If it bothers you and can't be diagnosed get a new device.
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    I'm thinking that is my only option.
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