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    How many days have you gone without a rest?

    I have one 755p that I bought on the release date and has only reset the first day when I installed an app that didnt work on the 755p. Since then it has been flawless.

    My personal 755p has only had 1 reset from trying to use obfuscate, and since then I have not had a reset.

    My old 700p would reset 1-2 times a day. Mostly because of calls coming in at the same time texts coming in or being on a call and having someone else call/text and it would reset my phone.
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    Same here. Had a couple resets when first installing apps, but after that it's been flawless (barring the IM program).
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    2 or 3 in the last couple weeks, but only after installing apps it didn't like. Each time I removed them and no problems. I have had an occasional freeze while accessing my gmail account with Versamail, but other than that extremely stable. I installed Reset Doctor to make sure it was resetting more and after a week now, there are no entries into the log.
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    What were the applications that were causing the resets? It's definitely less buggy than the 700p but I'm still getting resets.
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    Obfusicate is a definite one that immediately crashes the 755p.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gadgetfreak View Post
    Obfusicate is a definite one that immediately crashes the 755p.
    That was the only reset I had on my 755p....when installing Obfusicate
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    Has anyone noticed that the ##377 crash log is off ? Mine has been off by a few days.
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    I have had no resets but had to turn off the phone and turn it back on to be able to hear but that could've been a Sprint issue.
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    i feel like putting up one of those signs you see on cartoons " 02 days since last reset"
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    Just performed the ##377 on my phone, work fine and no system errors were in the log. I think I've only had one soft reset in the two weeks I've had the phone, like everyone else that was after installing an app. This device has been very stable.
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    Hmmm, just wondering, I experienced some apps that didn't go good with it and had a few resets, after removing the apps everything was back to normal except the crash log.
    Remember, this is my opinion ! We all have a right to our own.....

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    I have to use ##377 then press the Dial button from the Dial Pad. I can't get ##377# to work like it did on previous phones.
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    I probably have between 5-10 lockups or resets per day. I have an ongoing issue that when a text message comes in the phone screen and keys light up but the phone will not respond (lockup). I'll push the center button (or home, or power, or...) wait 1-2 minutes to see if it wakes up. It's always results in pulling the battery. It seems to start this behaviour while charging and receiving a text message.

    I'm doing a lot of poking and playing with this cool phone so I know things will settle down.
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    My resets stopped after bad software was removed. On my 2nd day without a reset. Previously it would reset a few times a day.
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    only 3 resets since 5/18... They all ocurred in my set-up phase (trying to get things set-up like my previous treo) now that all my apps are installed, everything has been pretty much smooth sailing...
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    most of the resets are due to user error, or applications, I am happy to say that after the first 2 days of trying different applications that once I found the ones that work I haven't had any reset for about 2 weeks.

    Treo 755p.
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    I reset nearly everyday, but I usually open up a lot of programs or do something that should lock up anything.
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