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    I don't use bluetooth, and I leave it off. During active calls, the bluetooth on/off screen often activates spontaneously, and sometimes then continues to try to ask for a device name. When this is going on, I don't have access to the regular phone screen, which includes the speakerphone control, keypad selector, etc.

    I ought to mention that I am running TakePhone, but by the time I'm on a call, I should be strictly on the regular phone application’s screen.

    Does anybody have any idea what's going on?
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    mine does this too.. i have no clue how my faces makes this happen

    i think there is a major bug with the 1.09 att firmware. as (unlike my unlocked 680) the phone thinks it is still connected to my BT car system after i have left it for the first call. and it will connect to the car once every 5 times. or so..
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    Same problem.... I use BT car also.
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    I have all the bluetooth functions turned off. It still does it.

    I stopped by a ATT/Cingular store and the guy went into my Preferences>Hands-free and unchecked the "Always route call to hands-free" box. That seemed to help at first, but now it is back to activating the bluetooth screen about 30% of the time when I put the screen up to my cheek when talking on the 680.

    Maybe I need to shave closer?

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