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    I have been noticing that my 755p has developed a lag when I type. Most of the time typing is just fine. Sometimes i type and nothing appears on the screen for a couple of seconds. A few seconds later, the text appears. This haas happened in the built-in e-mail application, docs-to-go, and the memopad application. Has anyone noticed this or tracked it down to a specific application?

    My current apps on internal memory (other than built-in apps):
    Dial by photo
    IM (not working, give an erro when loggin in)

    I have more applications on my memory card, but I'll just try taking the card out to eliminate those applications as causing the problem.
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    most of the time I have found that the lag is attributed to the phone accessing the net. mostly an IM program, chatter, etc.
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    So far I have had this happen once but it was going from roaming to native signal. But it wasnt anywhere near as bad as the 700p.

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