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    I just got the 755p and have tried beaming files from my old 650 to it and it isn't recognized. The beam receive IS turned on. Then I tried beaming a file from the 755p to the 650 and that didn't work either. (Beam receive is on on the 650 also.) Anyone else have this problem? Suggestions?
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    Sorry, I have to ask. You know the IR window is on the side of the 755?
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    and make sure the treo is awake(screen On) when it is recieving
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    I do know about the different position of the IR window, thanks, and the Treo was 'awake'. This has got me baffled. I am hoping to try a 'beam' with someone elses phone, I might stop by the local Sprint store.
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    Please call Palm support. I have also filed a problem with them. They would like to hear as they are forwarding it to their engineering?
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    Just got back from the local Sprint store. Both beam receive and send work fine with an employees 755p, so my old 650 must be the problem. As I type this, I wonder if the beam would have worked on a different Treo in the store (680, 700). I know it shouldn't matter, but I never had trouble sending or receiving beams with my 650 before...
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    Your 650 was/is being stubborn, it can sense the end is near lol
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    You could be right, these smartphones are too smart. It's going, but kicking and screaming.

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