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    I can't give hard and fast numbers (yet), but my 700p battery seems to be draining around 35 - 50% faster post MR than it did beforehand. Is anybody else noticing any changes in battery drain? It even seems to be draining faster than before if the radio is off, and the unit is not used.
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    Can't say I've noticed any material difference in battery life, same applications and usage pre and post MR.
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    I think mine is draining faster, I will need some days with my normal routine to be sure.
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    Mines same. Unbelieveable, you all are getting paranoid and overanalytical now.
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    I agree with the OP 100% on this. Today I was on planes with the radio off for 6 hours and my battery was dead this evening after being charged overnight (Sedio high capacity).

    This has only happened to me a few times since owning the phone and never since switching to the Sedio battery a few months ago.

    Total talk time today from call log was only 1.4 hours. I use Chatter e-mail connected to OWA.

    Not good...

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    Mine has consistently lasted about 3 hours longer than it usually does.
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    Mine seems to last a lot longer too.
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    Just the oppisite for me. I think I'm draining faster too.
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    Lasts longer now. Saw a noticeable difference with SAG before the MR and had to remove it just to get through the day on a single charge. With the new MR, my battery life seems to have returned to normal with SAG loaded.
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    Mine lasts much LONGER post MR. I must have got some of yours.
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    Mine has been lasting much much longer after update but I think it has improved Goodlink usage.
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    Check your pref settings. I think the MR put Beam receive back to on. it may have reset pther power management settings too.

    I too think I've been getting better battery life since the MR.
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    I've been getting siginificantly better battery life since the MR was applied.
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    Mine is easily lasting 30-40% longer after the MR update. Typically I've had to charge every day, but I have been going 2 days between charges now with the same usage of phone/text/data.
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    I'm glad this thread was here. Mine's been draining faster also. The other day I went to work and it was about 40%. 3.5 hours later when I got off (they won't let us work over 40 hrs/week, I was just finishing it up), it was almost dead. One phone call and it did die.

    When I checked now, I had 9%. I've checked all my settings and everything should be the same. The only program I have that should be using Vision is On Demand and I have it set to update manually. I'd really hate to do a hard reset, or maybe redo the MR, but maybe that's what I need to do to get it going again.

    I've called Sprint and told them about it, in the hopes that they had answers, but they didn't know anything about anything. Guess I'm stuck with it now. Other than that, though, I haven't had any problems with the update.
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    I'd say it's draining 5% - 10% faster for me post-MR, however, I should also add that I'm perfectly fine with this in exchange for the other improvements the MR has made. The device could still last a couple of days on one charge (worst case scenario I'm at 50% at the end of the day, usually its at 70% - 80%) which is good enough for me.
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    I'm curious about the others besides me who have noticed dramatically increased battery life. Do any of you use Chatter, or some other program that is connected to PowerVision constantly? Maybe its just network optimization.
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    ^My battery improved significantly (2 days usage, instead of 1) and I'm a heavy email user with Goodlink.
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    You know, I think I've noticed it has to do with a data connection. I'll have to do some "experiments," but when it's connected, it's draining a lot faster than it used to. If it's not, it just as it was before the MR.

    Maybe it's not disconnecting after a certain length of time anymore, or it's not going idle like it used to.
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    Yeah, I also use Chatter constantly, 4 mailboxes over IMAP, with a fifth using OWA exchange syncing, in addition to going in and out of roaming all day, and my battery last much longer as I said. The three hour estimate I gave is probably an underestimate.
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