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    I feel guilty posting something that doesn't have to do with the new ROM (which I decined), but here's what happened. I was in the middle of something a few days ago; a screen popped up about Power Vision, which I started to install but then because it was taking a long time, canceled. Around that time I noticed a slowdown in my ability to download photos sent to me through Sprint picture mail. Then I noticed all web pages were loading very slowly, even though the blue EVDO arrows are lighting up and I've got a great signal. Is this a provisioning issue, a local Sprint issue, or something more obscure? What was the screen I flushed?
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    had some issues with dropping power vision the last few days. I reprovisioned the phone and had no problems since.
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    I know I sound like a total newbie.....but how do you reprovision your phone? I searched....looked in the user's manual....but can't find it.....
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    just go ahead and go into the phone application, then type ##3282# , then hit the menu button and go to update vision profile..
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    I did it last night, and it made no difference. This morning, blazing speed. Clearly local network issues, which happens more and more frequently. I dont know if they have an intermittent tower problem or what, but the speeds are very inconsistent. Thanks.
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    Probably they're doing "some work" or ironing out a problem here and there, that's my guess. It is happening around the country in the past couple weeks. Seems to have settled here.

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