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    The Proguard by Cellet? I've been looking at their horizontal belt clip case, but i came across this

    Cellet Palm Treo 680 Red Rubberized Proguard

    • Featuring: soft touch rubberized outer coating
    • Sure fit snap on & off with ease
    • Provides excellent protection from the elements
    • Fashionable & attractive design for your cell phone
    • Compatible with: Palm Treo 680
    • (Not Compatible with: Palm Treo 750)
    • Detachable swivel clip included
    • Packaging: clamshell package

    This link has a picture.
    m100 Zire 72 Treo 650 Treo 680
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    This looks like a great case. It's similar in style to one I recently purchased for a lot more money, but wasn't happy with because the thin strip between the keyboard and the screen covers most of the on/off switch, making it hard to use the Treo. This one, being rubberized, may fit better and not move around.
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    I have this case - doesn't have the Cellet name but came in the exact same packaging. It works, but it is pretty cheap plastic. It's good in a pinch but I wouldn't count on it being too sturdy.

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