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    I reactivated my Moto Q and returned my 755p to the Sprint store today. It was a fun 3 week test drive down the Palm OS memory lane but in the end, the 755p and Palm OS just didn't do it for me.

    I couldn't get used to:

    -no vibrate alert in VersaMail
    -no task push support w/ActiveSync
    -form factor (thick, heavy)
    -no multitasking
    -overall, a boring device

    The Q will get me by until something else comes along -- hopefully a genuinely new and exciting Treo. Until then, I'm back to a TC 'lurker' status. Chow!
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    Q = teh suck. No chance I would ever go back to that piece. Good luck.
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    The Q? Are you kidding me? Doesn't that thing lag? Well whatever makes you happy. I'm happy with my 755 and don't plan on switching anytime soon. Good luck.
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    I tried the Q for a very brief time and could not deal with it.
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    Q SUCKS . 'nuff said

    caveat: my opinion
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    Maybe you could find maxwell smart's used shoe phone on ebay?? that sounds exciting
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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnH59 View Post
    I tried the Q for a very brief time and could not deal with it.

    I returned them both!!!! The Q was slow, I do not remember the lag but the 755p still has lag. I hope that Palm can get it straight on the next device release.
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    I loved my Q until it started freezing and I love my 755p...but I agree they arent the perfect phones for EVERYONE
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    check out a good reference site; it is spelled "ciao"
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    The Q is "slim." What more could a guy want?
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    I HAD a Q...enough said
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    Q sucks big time... returned Q after 3 months.. Love my 755p phone... it's one of the best phones I have had....
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    Are you serious? the Q? I returned my q within 2 days.

    Treo 755p.
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    I kept mine for 3 months too but the 755p is a better phone for me..
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    Maybe it's because I'm an adult sized human being, when I hear people talk about the 755p being to large it makes me wonder if they are all hobbits.
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    You guys get a lil sensitive when people don't share your passion for treos... different strokes for different folks... with that said, f@#" a "Q"
    HTC Touch Pro
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    I have a couple of co-workers that have the Q. They said the same thing, "I like how thin it is", but then they all have it in a case (to protect it because it is so thin). In the case, the "Q" is WAY bigger than my 755p. I used to have the Piel Frama case with my 650 (acts as a wallet too) and it was smaller than the "Q" in its case.

    Now I keep the 755p naked and have a money clip that holds my credit cards and ID. The Q lacks touchscreen and that kills it for me. Yeah, the Q users wish they had touchscreen.

    You say "different strokes for different folks", that works only for Treo owners. Without a touchscreen the Q users can only say "different taps for different folks" (Treo users can say either).
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    so why would anyone ever combine the two worst products ever invented and expect to have a good end result? I mean the horrible wm os and any phone made by motorola. Seriously.... it's just destined to fail.

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