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    It's been 22 hours since my last reset/freeze. All I had to do was:

    I finally got MR to install (my PC kept telling me there were script errors on the page and then never actually started the update so I did it with the card after a hard reset) and I think it got better! Let me start by saying I don't know how things get into or out of the backup folder but when I did my first post MR hot sync it restored everything, including stuff I removed days/weeks/months ago! Resets galore!

    So I did a second hard reset and restored from a backup I had made with NVbackup prior to the "upgrade." Resets Galore minus 1!

    I did a third hard reset and tried to manually install all/most of my apps from scratch all at the same time in the initial hot sync. Resets Galore minus 3!!

    I was on to something! So I did a fourth hard reset and restored applications one or two at a time and... I have only had one reset since 4:30 yesterday afternoon.

    The moral of the story is don't restore your Treo all at once. Why can't the hot sync backup/restore thing just work? I don't know.

    What I've learned here is that you should rename or delete your backup folder regularly of else you'll mess up your Treo really badly when you restore it, of course that kinda defeats the purpose of the backup folder to begin with but who cares about that.

    It's a Palm thing, I wouldn't understand.

    No problem!
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    It is probably an interaction thing with your applications. I restored from the last backup done with Resco Backup and have had no problems with it other than resets caused by an interaction problem with TakePhone and CallBlock.

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    ^ I restored using Resco backup too with no problems (I was actually kind of suprised.)
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    I had no significant problems with my installed applications prior to the MR.

    Did a full SD card back-up (NVBackup) followed by a Hard-Reset before SD card MR installation; restored from SD card when finished and had no major problems since.
    Have a great one...Doc D.

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