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    I have had so much troubles with my 700p and I had been putting of hard resetting and reinstalling everything until the MR came out. Well, since there is no VZW MR on the horizon I went ahead and did it.

    But for some reason my contacts, memos, and tasks databases did not completely back up when I exported them from Palm Desktop. I have a recent backup on my SD card, but am not sure exactly which files to restore... Specifically, I am looking to restore the contacts/addresses/tasks/and memo databases only.

    Can anyone tell me which files to restore?


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    There is an option within Resco Backup for backing up specific file categories after exiting them - this might be something worth looking at. The draw back on this is the prompt/time required for the backup to start, not to end. The link is

    Another option that works well is from Northglide Software - OnGuard Backup -

    Attached is a Snap shot of the Resco Backup option. I have used both approaches and prefer OnGuard Backup.

    The files to restore are CalendarDB-PDat,Contacts DB-PAdd and others beginning with Contacts, and MemsDB-PMem.

    As a note, I use DateBook 6 and in order to get OnGuard Backup to properly back up these files, one has to have Uninstall Manager installed and use its Group feature.

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