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    Anyone have an issue with the AIM messenger service not loading all of your buddies? mine only shows about 1/2 of my friends.

    Also the MSN nessenger wont connect at all. Getting [Error - 103] Request could not be completed. Username/pass are obviously correct
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    The built in IM doesn't work. I've had real good luck with Mundu.
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    i d/led mundu, but it told me that it was incompatible with the 755
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    any link about the built in IM not working?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Johnny_D View Post
    any link about the built in IM not working?


    Several threads on this, do a search for details. Bottom line: It dont work, nobody knows when it will work.
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    The reason all your buddies don't show up is because the Sprint App creates a Mobile Buddies Group that allows for you to add 30 buddies. You can chat with more but you can only see the status of the 30. I use VeriChat and it works faster and you can see all your buddies. A lot of people seem to like Mundu, that works fine as well. The big difference for me is load time, and the Sprint App also reset my 755p often.
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