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    I wish I had read this thread prior to placing my order:

    Treocentral posted this article claiming Boxwave was first with an extended battery:

    I received mine today and like everyone else in the 1st thread I linked to, it's a 680/750 battery that 1) doesn't fit in the 755p and 2) is a gray cover which doesn't even come close to matching the 755p color or material.

    Treocentral should update that story and no one should purchase this battery to use in a 755p.

    I have a business trip next week that I was looking to use this battery for. Since Seidio hadn't released their version yet, I ordered this one. Looks like I'll be waiting for the Seidio battery.
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    adamrogers I am sorry you did not see that thread too. I know how upsetting it was for me to find out the battery didn't work. They have taken off the website now the battery that I ordered but left the extended even though they know it does not fit. They also still have the mini sync up that does not fit the 755P. This is unfair practice and needs to be stopped.

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