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    Anyone know how to get the front faceplate on the treo off? THe part were its says the service provider you have.

    It seems that its plastic welded on. any ideas or experiences?


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    Other than a blade of some sort, you're out of luck. It's part of the front half of the case.
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    are you sure its part of the front half? I remember reading somewhere that this was clipped onto the front half. Can't find that thread though. I'll keep looking.

    OK, nevermind...maybe I'm crazy!!! ;-P
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    Hi A engineer friend from the plastic injection industry say it is welded by sonic welding, whatever that means?
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    Well, I can't confirm the sonic weld; my "chrome" piece is crakced on the left side of the screen and I can lift up the piece and see the screen's edge.

    You may also want to google for a video I watched on how to change a cracked screen. I watch this guy take a 650 apart and add a new screen in about 11 minutes. Seemed easy enough. You may want to search for it on YouTube.

    Good Luck,


    Using a GSM Treo Pro, my first Windows Mobile Device. Coming from a Cingular Treo 650.
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    Yes, you can replace the entire front half of the case relatively easily. I don't think you can just replace the chromed piece, though.
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