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    i have no clue what the first part of your ramble is even saying. All i said was people in here this forum are whiners when they dont get what they want yet kept the phone for months and months. I dont get where you get me saying palm or sprint is whining at all.
    Because you don't seem to know about how companies like Sprint and Palm have themselves engaged in lawsuits.

    Since they have, you consider them "whiners"

    you also consider 100% of the fortune 500 a bunch of whiners for engaging in lawsuits.

    If you understood the difference between "ramble and "irony" you would start to understand the point.

    I also get a kick out of your implication that people have to test every represented function within the 14 day window or tough luck. LOL
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    Yes, and they told me I had to call Sprint. The guy argued with me, I asked to talk to his supervisor, he put me on hold for 30min, I gave up.

    This is not Sprint's problem! I downloaded a trusted file from
    I called the number on the Palm blog and told them what happened and they overnighted me a new 700p with 1.08 rom. They didn't tell me to call Sprint. So no I would not opt to sue Palm. If you don't like the answer from one person call back a second time.
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