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    Can someone Extract raw 755p rom with r2sd in bootloader? I want to flash it into the 700p and see if it works maybe
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    Since when can you flash the ROM on a 700?
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    Please see my other HOWTO thread here in the 700p forums.
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    I will Pull my rom off if you detail how to..
    i want a clean rom.. for myself aswell. (for backups when i try linux or wm6)

    PM me
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    I thought this (custom ROM) could not be done until a ROM update (from Palm) was released for any device, of which is the 755p in thid case.
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    You CAN already flash 755p rom... just use the 700p MR ROMUpdater.prc, the code name is changed to Torinto (IIRC). so instead of typing "ventura" (for 700p.. see my howto) you type torinto

    As to backup the rom, you need a SD card at least 64 I think that will be erased completely, mtty 1.42, usb hotsync cable, 650 bootloader drivers.

    install the 650 bootloader drivers, connect cable
    boot into bootloader by typing ##UPST
    put in SD card
    open mtty, select USB
    type "ram2sd"
    wait for a while

    to read it use winhex physical disk mode or dd in Mac/linux

    Please read my 700p howto for more details
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    I am in need of a Cricket solution on the Centro. Koco I am willin to pay cash for a solution. if you can help PM me

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