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    Hi... I don't really post here (lurk mostly), but I'm a little confused over what to do re: the new maintenence release everyone's talking about.

    I have a Mac... I do NOT have an extra card or any reader at all and don't really understand why Palm would make this so difficult for Mac users.

    Is there anything else I can do? I'm not going to buy something else just to upgrade my Treo. This sounds ridiculous to me.
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    I think the issue is that they don't have a working version of hotsync for the new intel Macs (big surprise there, huh?), so they don't bother to supply that option. Your best bet is to just pick up a card reader. I think I got a USB2 one for $9 at CompUSA (this is a good thing to have anyway, so you can backup your card and transfers are WAY faster). Then you can do as I did and copy all the contents of your card to your computer before putting the update on it. The update would NOT automatically run like they said until I hard reset my Treo... Anyway, after you are done, you can copy everything back to the card.
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    You have 2 other options on an Intel Mac:

    1. Run Parallels with Windows and do the Windows update. This is what I choose. I had to restore from my BackupMan backup. My only other problem was Power Vision provisioning got hung and I had to call Sprint for them to trigger IOTA and then it provisioned fine.

    2. If you have Missing Sync, you can load the update onto the SD card with that, it has a mode to share the card with OSX as a mountable USB device.

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