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    OK, have done full factory resets and loaded MR a couple of times.

    Consistently, I'll get a reset during hotsync operation if the phone drifts in/out of coverage (I have weak signal in my office).

    Turn off radio and device sync's fine. Turn on radio, start sync and I'll hear da-da-dit (rising in tone) series of beeps through the earpiece (despite having phone sound slider turned off) and then the device resets. It appears to always be on the calendar sync part of the sync to Outlook when this occurs.

    If I sync with radio on and there's no drifting of signal, there's no reboot.

    The most frustrating thing is that this apparently creates dupe records due to the aborted sync and I get appointments added that I have to go and delete from outlook (or simply remember to select desktop overwrites handheld before doing the next sync following an aborted sync). PITA

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    My Treo resets all the time during the hotsync, whether with radio on or off! Very frustrating!! Any solution to this? I tried to rename my user directory so that a new one is created from scratch, still no help.

    It resets during syncing to IntelliSync for Yahoo. Before I applied the MR everything was fine!

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