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    I'm wondering if others have the same problems I do with Maxim Online on Avangto.

    It seems as if the articles don't match up with the headers. If I click on say, sports and there is a teaser/header about referees or something, then I click on that, I get an article about something totally different.

    Is it just on mine or is this a common bug?

    Any ideas how to fix?

  2.    #2 one gets Maxim online or does no one want to admit it?

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    It's always done that for me.
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    It's happened sometimes for me. The AvantGo version of Maxim kinda sucks. The jokes are repeated every so often and there is no color or images in the content.

    I have no problem with admitting that I read Maxim; heck, my wife reads it too.
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    I've found the same problem with Maxim online. It makes it kinda interesting as you never know what article is going to pop up

    I prefer the UK edition over the US edition of Maxim though. My wife doesn't like either version...
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    thanks...guess it's not just me then. Maybe I'll shoot them off an email or something.

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    I alerted Avantgo to the problem, they gave me a bunch of things to try that didn't work.

    They were able to replicate the problem and will report it to maxim. They also asked that I message maxim too as I'm an end user.

    They said they would post when/if a resolution on the maxim channel on their website.

    I guess someone will eventually figure out what happened and fix it.


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