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    I recently purchased and installed TomTom 6 on my 755p with the help of cash70 and the firmware patch. Now that I have it running I have a few questions about the program.

    1) It appears that every time I exit and enter the program it has to re-sync with the bluetooth GPS, is there a way to avoid this delay? Many times I'm checking email, taking and call, etc. and want to jump back to TomTom without a delay.

    2) If I start a trip and exit the application, will it remember the trip when I re-enter? Or do I have to start another navigation?

    3) Does the map automatically zoom to a certain size during a navigation trip? It seems like I've tried to zoom out but it automatically zooms back in.

    4) I am also running chatopus with MSN messenger on the 755p. If i get a text message or chat while TomTom is running, will the, "alert" show up on the screen?

    5) Does anyone have any other tips or tricks for using TomTom 6 with the Treo??

    Thanks in advance!
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    I'm glad the patch worked for you.

    1. I am pretty sure mine does that sometimes. The application itself looks for the GPS.

    2. It should go back to the same trip.

    3. Not that I am aware off. I set the zoom to my preference when I first installed it and have not had to modify it again.

    4. Sorry, I have not use a chat program on the Treo.

    5. There are other websites that you can find for good POIs. Check out:

    You can load your prefered POIs and have a voice alert when you are near the selected POI. I am actually assisting at to build a huge database of POIs for different metro areas. One thing I used to have was traffic cameras and speed traps with voice alerts for the DC area. I still have the POIs, but have not been able to get the voice alerts to work with Navigator 6. Still working on that project.
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