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    I don't think speed testing is accurate. EVDO speed is not related with the number of bars you get on you Treo. It is related with the quality of the data transition in the place you are located. In fact, I've seen cases when I have only 1 or 2 bars and my EVDO is fast... and other times the opposite.

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    I agree with what Treolo said, I'm showing 1 bar and just got 584.1 on 2wire.
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    Just ran mine, Five bars on Sprint and got 532, 538, and 542 kbps on three successive runs.
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    6 bars when I was 20 feet away form the tower. Blazer really slows down the EVDO speeds, tethering via USB to my computer I usually test in the 1.1-1.5mbps with an upload of 100kbps to 120kbps.
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    pretty cool site.. i got 579.4Kbps from my office with only 3 bars! I'll have to try it out later when i go outside.
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    I get 1362 kbit/sec when I use Opera Mini on the doing the 1MB file. Wow, that's fast. And 1.12Mbps on using Oprea Mini.

    I get 182 kbit/sec when I use Blazer. How come Blazer is so much slower?
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    502.2kbps on this hog over here...
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    got 619.7kbps here in San Diego, CA
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    Got 463.7 and 567.06 in two trials. I rarely have over 3- 4 bars so this is pretty good I figure.
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    470 using Blazer, installing Opera Mini now and will compare...
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