View Poll Results: Did the update resolve your Treo's problems

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  • I used to have problems (crashing, lags, etc.) and I don't anymore!

    15 9.74%
  • I used to have problems (crashing, lags, etc.) and some of these have improved

    73 47.40%
  • I used to have problems (crashing, lags, etc.) and still do

    14 9.09%
  • I never had problems, but now I do

    5 3.25%
  • I never had problems and still don't

    17 11.04%
  • The update bricked my Treo

    4 2.60%
  • I am Sprint user and didn't update yet, I want to wait and see

    12 7.79%
  • There isn't an update from my Treo (I am a Verizon or other non-Sprint user)

    14 9.09%
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  1. haroldo's Avatar
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    I know many are having problems with this update. I am interested in seeing if the update resolved the glaring issues afflicting their Treos.
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    No it is worse. Now when I browse the internet I get a headache from the blurry text problem.
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    No problems with my upgrade. Overall, I'd say it was a "small" improvement vs. what I had before.
  4. Leke's Avatar
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    Mine was fine before and even better with the update...
  5. fwinst's Avatar
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    My 1st attempt with the MR bricked my Treo. The replacement Treo took the update and seems to be running well (did I just jinx myself? damn).
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    The phone is better however, coming from a 700P user that doesn't mean much right now. It will take a test drive with a 755P to really tell me if it is acceptable.

    I am 99% glad I did the MR, this is where we should have been last year. Now we need a second update to get us to where the phone "should" be LOL
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    I chose "I am a sprint user but I'm waiting"

    I guess I'm not as much of a poweruser as others on here because the only real issue I have on my phone is 1.) lag, and I only noticed this once I started adding more apps. and 2.) battery dies way too quickly for me... but this is because I have mundu running 24/7. lol

    I don't even use bluetooth. And unwired headset doesn't impress me much. I text way more than I talk.

    I feel bad for everyone else (blurry font? That would p** me off!) and I hope now that they pulled the MR that they finally fix it.
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    No noticeable behavioral differences. However it did fix a bug in the versamail trying to connect to my exchange server. I can now connect no problem and can get my pushed email.
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    Mine is working better (faster response with apps -less 'white screen', quicker blazer speed, no crashes, hasn't frozen for 24+ hours for the first time in a month *knock on wood* when it used to twice daily, no resets with any apps after re-installing google maps and pocket tunes deluxe and express.

    My husbands bricked and can't seem to be resusitated even with treocentral's tricks.
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    After using the 700p post MR for a day I feel the unit is where it should've been when I bought it a year ago. Booting and changing from one application to another takes a up a reasonable amount of time. Unfortunately, it no longer works with my Lexus GS430 handsfree unit. Somewhat confusing since it was added to the compatibility list at:

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    Worked fine before the update, now even better(no lag at all.) Backup buddy still reboots the phone though.
  12. leonidm's Avatar
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    worked fine before update, now Motorola HS805 BT headset doesn't work, BT doesn't take over if something plugged in Headset jack. Don't update if you don't have problems - don't do the same mistake I did.
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    MY treo seems a little snappier bluetooth actualy works now blazer is a little better. But the main problem i was having, sd card disappearing is still there. It showed its ugly head the next day just to let me know it was still around. oh well 3 outa 4 not bad i guess. im just gonna suffer till linux treo arrives. oh yeah battery life seems improved as well
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    Defenitely better performance after the update with improved battery life also...for now, but only time can tell.
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    The MR update fixed my BT problems. I had frequent drops with my HS850 and now it gives me zero problems.
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    Yes, mine is definitely better so far. I still haven't tested bluetooth yet; don't know if I should give my JX-10 a chance now (which I was suspecting to be a bootleg anyway, and suffered from other issues not related to the 700p) or if I should go get a new headset I'd be more confident in like the Jawbone (or even better something on Palm's compatibility list, so that there is absolutely no excuse for it not to work). I'm of course hesitant to spend more money on this kind of stuff given that it may all end up in the same drawer as my JX10.
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    The most notable improvements for me are better Bluetooth connectivity/stability, native phone application is certainly faster and the overall lag appears to be slightly less. Recent application list/launcher feature and GoggleMap integration in contacts is nice.

    Since I applied the update, only one spontaneous soft reset, yesterday afternoon while opening my solitare game, after reset it worked fine.
    Have a great one...Doc D.

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    When I finally got MR to install (my PC kept telling me there were script errors on the page and then never actually started the update so I did it with the card after a hard reset) I think it got better. Let me start by saying I don't know how things get into or out of the backup folder but when I did my first post MR hot sync it restored everything, including stuff I removed days/weeks/months ago! Resets galore!

    So I did a second hard reset and restored from a backup I had made with NVbackup prior to the "upgrade." Resets Galore minus 1!

    I did a third hard reset and tried to manually install all/most of my apps from scratch all at the same time in the initial hot sync. Resets Galore minus 3!!

    I was on to something! So I did a fourth hard reset and restored applications one or two at a time and... I have only had one reset since 4:30 yesterday afternoon.

    The moral of the story is don't restore your Treo all at once. Why can't the hot sync backup/restore thing just work? I don't know.

    What I've learned here is that you should rename or delete your backup folder regularly of else you'll mess up your Treo really badly when you restore it, of course that kinda defeats the purpose of the backup folder to begin with but who cares about that.

    It's a Palm thing, I wouldn't understand.
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    I had the loop reset issue but once resolved, there are many improvements.

    - Much much better battery life (when using Goodlink)
    - No more voice mail icon problems when not having voice mail
    - No delays in SMS messages
    - No delays getting to the dial pad from soft off state
    - Generally snappier use between apps
    - Mapping feature from contacts is useful

    No problems with bluetooth yet but I've only done GPS and file transfer to PC. I haven't had any problems with any apps yet and I have dozens.

    The ROM upgrade is fine and direly needed. It's the installation process that is problematic for too many.
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    works MUCH better in my toyota camy now...people hear me better...i get the caller id info now...and the signal strenth shows on my car stereo now.

    also, it works MUCH better with my "link to cell" landline phone.

    text messaging is fater..lags are reduced...but not totally gone
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