View Poll Results: Did the update resolve your Treo's problems

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  • I used to have problems (crashing, lags, etc.) and I don't anymore!

    15 9.74%
  • I used to have problems (crashing, lags, etc.) and some of these have improved

    73 47.40%
  • I used to have problems (crashing, lags, etc.) and still do

    14 9.09%
  • I never had problems, but now I do

    5 3.25%
  • I never had problems and still don't

    17 11.04%
  • The update bricked my Treo

    4 2.60%
  • I am Sprint user and didn't update yet, I want to wait and see

    12 7.79%
  • There isn't an update from my Treo (I am a Verizon or other non-Sprint user)

    14 9.09%
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    Mine is much better...stability has improved, battery life is noticeably better, my JX-10 actually connects and is clear now, and everything is quite a bit snappier.

    I used the SD card method, and it worked fine other than a weird little issue where the backupman icon wouldn't show up..I had to install Resco and then I could launch backupman to restore the device. After the restore everything was just as it should have been.
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    I was really hoping for huge improvements in speed and didn't get any. I would say things are a little better since the upgrade. I like having the daylight savings and security update in ROM.

    My biggest complaint other than the lackluster improvement in speed is the touch tone beep when the Treo issues alerts. I really hate that!
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    I regret having done the upgrade... Honestly, I haven't found ANY of their claimed "improvements" AT ALL. Bluetooth (for me) is just as unreliable, lags are roughly the same. I do like the Google maps integration with the contacts though.

    However, there are some serious drawbacks with this update... The DTMF tones through the earpiece is seriously messed up. It means the phone can no longer ever be silent, and as I found out it also means that I can no longer get a reliable audio indication for texts or voicemail!!! WTF?!?!? When these come in, there is a beep in the earpiece and a fraction of a second of the actual alert sound at a real low volume. Plus, they axed the e-mail notification on the phone screen in an attempt to speed up the phone application (which in my case didn't make any difference).

    Overall, I would give the update a major I see no major improvements and they instead have removed functionality of the phone...
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    Much improved. I had little to no lag problems before. except on the phone. since the email notification is gone, the phone app is much faster. love the MR, it improved an already near perfect device.
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    Definate improvement it almost feels like a new phone. As other have pointed out, I can finally use PXA Clocker and overclock certain applications to make it even faster. My bluetooth stays connect much better. Ptunes skipping is down to almost 98% percent skip free. Overal the phone is more responsive.
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    I feels like a new phone. Bluetooth? Exellent...Web...Great ...did u know now I can use my 4GIG sd card? Had a lil black chip on the front ..but some silver marker took care of that. On the real though? I absolutly hated this phone...for a year.....I wanted to throw it off the Empire State Building ..but there was that lil glimmer of hope that they would actually come out with an upgrade. Cant understand why it didnt work for everybody but for those of you in waiting?....when it works? the 700p is the PDA you paid for.
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    No. Bluetooth is still bad as ever. I didn't notice any speed increase or stability.
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    Frequent Bluetooth disconnects for me here (sony ericsson HCB-700)
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    I did the update.. on one phone and worked flawlessly.. did it on my own phone and halfway through, reset and bamn.. reset loop.

    Took to sprint store, long story short, It was Wens. They had to order me a new phone cause they had none in stock and wouldn't come in till Monday, that's 1,2,3,4,5? days without a phone. UNACCEPTABLE so I said.
    "you have two options..
    1) Swap my phone out with a retail box treo or
    2) I will flat out buy a new Treo ($700 sale ) and then return it on Monday when my new phone comes in and you'll have to deal with losing a phone because you have to send it back (or just repackage it and sell to someone else)

    The rep goes.. oh we can't do that sir.. I go.. then here's my AMEX, I can't live without a phone (sad I know, but such is life).

    So I buy the phone and the woman goes, I can't put this phone on your account without upgrading your plans and you'll lose all your retentions (I pay $60 a month for unlimited everything and 500mins which I never use) I go, just swap out the ESN's that's all you have to do.. she replys she can't to which I reply that's is ubber bs, just sell me the phone and I'll call customer service and do it that way.. She mumbles something like "They'll say the same thing" to which I replied I'm sorry.. if you look at my account you will see I've upgraded my phone from a Treo 600 -> PM-325 -> treo 650 -> treo 700 -> 700 -> 700 (insert a few more 700's) and I've _never_ had to upgrade my plans so please don't act like you know what you're talking about. she got all offended and I just signed my slip and said, "See you bright and early Monday morning when I return this phone!", with a naughty smirk on my face.

    I'm sorry.. but what's the differnece between ordering a phone and swapping it out with a retail model? They've done it once before in the past when my phone was inopperable, so why not now? I could see if the phone worked.. but it didn't and I pay for insurance for a reason. *shrug* I'm not out any doh so I'm not to annoyed.. I just find it silly they'd rather deal with a return than just swapping my phone out.. SILLY I says!
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    My Treo worked before the update and still works afterward. One thing I noticed is the battery seems to last a lot longer now then it used to.
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    Changed my VOTE from GOOD to BAD.. It has been acting up BAD all weeknd.

    - Touchscreen iffy, the bottom part of the screen doens't work 100% o fthe time
    - Won't come out of speaker phone mode
    - Crashes on a few programs (they never crashed before)
    - Only plus is it is faster when it works.

    Called sprint and I hope they really send me a 755 as a replacement. I had a nice and clean install on day one BUT the phone has been getting worse???? Seems like the phone is overclocked and pushing the limits of its harware.

    So (-1) for things went fine
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