I rec'd an S9 about a month ago. I learned I needed to use Softick Audio Gateway SAG software for the S9 to work with my Treo 650. Initially I was disappointed due to the clipping as most of my MP3s were Variable Bit Rate (VBR). I re-authored many of them at 128kb/s and I was pretty impressed, a bit of clipping at 20-30 feet, but all was good.

This week my year old Treo finally continued it's splitting in half (it is literally falling apart), I backed up everything and re-installed on a second (new) Treo 650 on Monday. Since Monday my Bluetooth range is about 18 inches. I literally need to hold the phone at the back of my head to get the song to play continuously. If held in front of me it clips for 5 seconds plays for 2 seconds then stops again. If I put it in my pocket forget about it, I hear nothing.

Any ideas?

I've updated SAG and it is no better.