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    Anyone else notice this? After doing the MR, try doing a bit of browsing on blazer, then switch to a different app or just press home. Normally prior to the update, if you went back to blazer, pressing the 'back; button would yield you no results since blazer could not go back in the cache once you left the program. But now after the MR you CAN!! I can switch out of blazer, go to another app, come back and still go back in my browser history!! That was NOT possible before!

    Of course, blazer still has to download the page to render it, but that was not unexpected...
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    It has always worked like that on my VZW 700. Not sure about the Sprint version.
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    Blazer could always do that for me. Did you have the "clear cache on exit" preference set on Blazer before the MR? That would have prevented it. If, in the process of installing the MR, that preference has been changed, that might explain why you can now back up after leaving and returning to Blazer.
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    I'll have to try that! I have noticed that problem!

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