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    I have a very strange problem.

    I have a client who used to use pop mail, now uses exchange. When he was using pop, he would get these odd blank emails occasionally in versamail. I told him that would all go away once we got exchange in place. For the first 3 weeks, he did not get them, then yesterday, he got 5 of them. totally bizarre, and here are the facts.

    Verizon phone, 700p
    VersaMail 3.5
    Imap is the only account on the phone, getting mail from the exchange server as incoming server, and outgoing is
    message is blank, with no sender, no subject, no body, just an attachment - blue_pap.gif
    attachment is not always the same size, ranges from 11K-28K
    googled this to death, and found nothing
    these emails are NOWHERE to be found in Outlook, Exchange, Spam or Junk filters.
    cant forward them - says you cannot forward a message with no sender

    I am at a loss...if anyone has any info, please let me know.


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    That looks to me like spam that was received with no or mangled headers. Some mail servers will accept them and deliver as best they can, and others will drop them on the floor.

    I've received messages on my regular email that are so mangled I'm surprised they appear at all.

    Since I'm not a mail administrator, I have no suggestion as to how you filter for that.


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