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    I've heard people mention it has been removed... and my 755 is obviously not doing it... has there been any progress made on what files we need to pull to get it back? I miss my happy little e-mail icon on my phone screen D;
    Just waiting for the day my Pre has contacts grouping, and a "speed dial" for text messaging
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    I would love to get this back too. Now that chatter only turns the LED green for new mail (even when it is plugged in and fully charged), I have to turn on phone and go to Chatter to see if I have new mail.
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    I was reading one of the threads on the recent update of the 700p and people have been reporting that palm took off the envelope on the update as well. Apparently this is what is causing versamail to lag.
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    takephone still monitors and report new email
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    I usually only notice my LED notification when I get mail but thanks to this thread I noticed the lack of my email icon. I don't know how long it would have took me without the
    at&t iPhone3G

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