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    Well, I just ordered a new housing for my 680 ... has anyone here taken thier 680 apart and put it back together? If so, how hard is it? I'm alittle nervous about doing it lol

    Anything I gotta be extra careful about?

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    I wouldn't worry too much, it's pretty easy :

    Just watch out for the tiny ribbon connectors and dont, repeat DO NOT take apart the SD card holder, there's nothing interesting underneath and it's got a tiny 2mm piece of wire hooked at both ends which will spring out and you'll spend the best part of an hour figuring out where it came from and how to put it back
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    Oh, I'll ask...... Why? Damage the original one?
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    I guess a new paint job....
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    Quote Originally Posted by tomtastic View Post
    I wouldn't worry too much, it's pretty easy
    Once you removed the 4 screws, how do you separate the top and bottom housing? From which angle is the easiest way to start separating them? from top? from the rocker key side?
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    Time for a new housing, the old one was getting too ugly for my taste and the LCD screen was getting dust inside.

    Tomtastic: Thank you for the tip!
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    All done! Wow the front case of the housing is REALLLLLLLLY fragile. Anyone else who's gonna take their Treo apart, you gotta becareful w/ the front case of the housing & ribbon cables. You must use a case opener, or you'll crack and break something.

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