First, I tried updating yesterday, by way of usb, and it put my treo into the reset loop, couldn't get out of it and got a brand new one from sprint this PM. Stupid me (maybe just curious me) tried it again on the new one, it didn't take the first time, but it did take the second time...strange but true. I entered the reset loop again but this time was bale to get out of it thanks to all the good support found here. However, it partially updated, it showed treo700p 1.10-spnt, but I could not get any phone/radio info on it and the phone would not work at all.

At this point, I wanted to do the SD card method, but I couldn't download the SD card version since it was taken down from the palm website, so I thought "what the heck" and tried the usb method again, with the phone turned off (wasn't able to be turned on anyway). Lo and behold, it worked, after baout 40 minutes, but it worked completely and flawlessly. Don't know anything that was diferent other than the radio being totally useless the second time around.

I have noticed pocket tunes deluxe needed updated like most have said, but my google maps works just fine. Otherwise, seems to be a pretty clean install, the second time around.

Just want to say thanks for eveything everyone here has offered to us users here at treocentral. You have saved at least one extra 700p from being wasted at the sprint store.

One last thing, while I was at the sprint store today, I played with the 755 and the 700p side by side, with the exact same tests (lag changing from phone to pda/phone to browser/browser to pda and vice versa, and also tested download speeds for websites) and beleve it or not, they were identical in speed and lag. Almost to the split second, it really was astonishing. And yes, I checked, the 700p had the 1.08 version of the rom in it. Just something to help calm the nerves when going through all this pain of the ROM update, made me smile knowing the 755 wasn't any faster.