I have a 700p using Versamail EAS sync. Updated RM patch yesterday without much difficulty.

Now, my "new e-mail" notification icon does not appear upon reciept of new mail. If my sound is on, I get the usual tone alert when mail arrives, plus the flashing notification bell in the top left corner, but the "envelope" icon on the phone screen (and the number of unread e-mails next to it) have mysteriously disappeared.

This creates a probem when I have the phone on vibrate, as I would then get no auditory prompt that new e-mail has arrived (now my only way short of checking the e-mail screen directly each time I'm interested in looking for new mail) and have actually missed important e-mails because that ol' familiar envelope has disappeared, leaving me no idea that I have unread e-mail that needs to be tended to.

I have searched "alerts" and "preferences" ad nauseum, without result.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.