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    I'm a Sprint tech and I did about 10 upgrades at work today using the SD card method, all successful. I updated my personal unit over the wire, also a success, but when I tried to update my buddies with the sync cable, it kept on canceling out stating that it was not a Sprint device. Only conceivable difference from all the devices I updated was his did not have an HSSN*(I checked all of them, thats why I'm asking). Anybody else check this that had problems?


    * earlier 700p's, who knows how many, where released without an HSSN's (Handspring or Handset Serial Number. Not an admission by Palm or Sprint, it from personal experiences and people I know that had units like this.
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    Bircked one earlier today. Got a NEW 700p (not refurbed) and think I bricked it. 1st one would never find the network. The second is doing the reset loop-d-loop.

    How do I find out if I had or did not have the HSSN?
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    From the phone screen, hit the menu key, then I and scroll down. If there is no number next to HS SN, think it starts with PYP or the like. Then your Palm has no HSSN coded in the ROM. This caused a few to have registration issues with Volume Care and other programs that require it to be there. Lots of programs do not need or require it. It just boggles me that some work and some don't. It a computer right? Aren't they all the same?

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