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    Verizon comrades, I need to vent this frustration. Let the forums be the repository of my bitterness.

    I am out of warraty. This because the phone is older than 1 year and I got it on day 1. So far I had been able to survive the randomness of lags, freezes and BT disconnects, but as of late the 700p reached its limit.

    The lags are now even longer than usual. Blazer takes forever to open (even with a clean cache). After charging the device the phone will either get stuck in some weird state and never turn on or it will reboot itself and then get stuck. The freezes are now constant, every time I make a phone call or do anything with it I know the phone will not react. I have lost several calls already and all around, the phone is reaching unstability levels tha go beyond
    what I can stand.

    Ironically, the only thing that is stable right now is the Bluetooth connection between the phone and my Palm headset. And by stable I mean I had ony to re-pair the headset once in the last month. Before it was once every three days.

    I called Verizon to do something and of course, they know nothing about MRs or how to troubleshoot a phone for that matter. They just can suggest soft resets daily or Hard Resets, but nothing more. Of course that I have tried all known methods to man to make it work, noting that I hard-reseted the device twice in the last week.

    So Verizon will replace my phone and I am down $50 because is an out-of-warranty affair. So I can confidently say this MR delay costed me 50 bucks already.

    Should I have waited more? I don't think so. Not with my phone having now this consistent series of problems. I need the phone on a daily basis, and if I cannot rely on it in its current status serves no purpose to me.

    Anyway, I hear good things from the Sprint camp when they upgrade the phone (and that is a big WHEN, given the headaches I see posted here and there). So I just can hope the Verizon MR gets updated within 90 days, that's the limited warranty my refurbished phone will have.

    Time wil tell if my decision was wise.
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    When you peformed the hard reset did you re-install all of your apps or restore them from a backup?

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