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    I bought a 4 gig card from Transcend. I didn't format it, didn't think I needed to. I popped it in my 755, it worked right out of the box.

    I had been copying music, documents for about a week now, it was working fine.

    Until now.

    I created a folder on the card under Documents, "AA". Once I created that folder, the card was no longer recognized. I took the card out and put it back in. When I did, it asked me if I wanted to format it. Now, it's in a state of "Formatting". Hopefully sometime soon it'll come back.

    I had lots of songs, a bunch of Documents on it. Now I have to start from scratch. That's if the card even comes back.

    Anyone else have problems like this, with a Transcend 4 gig card? I'd contact Transcend, but I figure my chances of getting any help out of them are slim and none.

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    Before you give up, try the card in an SDHC compatible card reader if you have one. I've had some trouble with my Transcend card disappearing on my 755, but no data has been lost. The only cause of list data has been when the card disappeared right in the middle of being written, which of course, corrupts the file being written at the time.

    I have not found a solution to the problem of my card disappearing, but I think it is a different problem than you are seeing. It's hard to tell if my problem is the card or the 755, and if it is a common issue. Search the 755 forum as some of us have discussed this elsewhere.
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    Update... Well, my Transcend card died a couple days ago. I was trying to figure out the issues I was having with my card, and all of a sudden, it won't work at all. I wasn't able to format it either. It only lasted 2 weeks since I bought it. It is being replaced by the company I bought it from.
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    I have it from two sources that the 755P does not support the 4 gig card. Here's this email from Transcend tech support:

    From the serial number, we have confirmed that the card you purchased was an SDHC card. (P/N TS4GSDMHC)
    SDHC is the latest specifications for next generation SD cards.
    Unfortunately, Treo 755P does not support SDHC cards, so it would have problems to access them.
    We suggest you contact the retailer to return it or exchange for a TS2GSDM (2G miniSD) card.

    I also contacted DataViz tech support, to ask them if my issue had anything to do with a bug in Docs to go. Here's their reply:

    I believe most Palm devices only officially support cards up to 2GB. Anything that is over this could cause a variety of problems similar to what you are seeing. Our newest version contains a file explorer which makes it easier to navigate through folders on the card.

    So my rather than worry about a 4 gig card, I've gone back to the 2 gig card that Palm officially supports. A little less storage, but no biggie.
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    Both of those statements are false.

    The 755p does support SDHC.

    See Palm's support information here:

    From that page under the listing for the 755p:

    We have tested 4GB miniSD cards and SDHC (secure digital high capacity) cards and can say that they will work in this device.
    Not to mention, I can confirm the Transcend card works in my 755p.
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    I have a 4Gb Transcend SDHC card in my 755 right now with no issues (knock on wood).. I've been using it about a week now with Docs to Go and pTunes and such... I popped the card in the 755 right out of the box and looked at it with the ZLauncher file manager to make sure the Treo recognized it... Then I used a cheap Sandisk card reader that supports mini SDHC cards to copy the files from my full size 4Gb SDHC card that was a little flaky in my 700p to the new card.

    Never done any formatting of the card and I've popped it out and used the card reader to copy more mp3's over a couple times and have not had any trouble with the Treo reading it after I put it back in... I am manic about soft resets though so I'll usually do a soft reset after loading the card back in the phone before I even try to access it... I used to have to do that with my 700 and the SDHC card so it is just habit now..
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    I've been using my 4GB Transcent SDHC since I got the phone on May 23rd. No issues at all. I did format the card on my PC following the instructions on the following entry:
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