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    I have smoothly installed MR on my 700P last night, everything seems fine
    1. NVBackup to SD.
    2. Hotsync (just in case)
    3. Hard reset.
    4. Copy the install files to a newly formated SD.
    5. Installed from SD, around 40 minutes
    6. After calibrating the touchscreen, restored NVBackup with no loss of data or any problems.

    All applications works, including ptunes, google map, datebk, chatter email, etc, Phone application switch lag seems still exists but seem some improvement. Blazer is faster that before but when free DBCache is less than 5M, entering Blazer takes some time (around 15 seconds, still better than before 30 seconds)

    Now here comes the problem, Memo will crash every time when I use it. Do anybody notice the same problem or is it just me?
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    No memo app crashes after the update on mine.
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