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    After installing the 700P Sprint MR Update last night, I noticed that I lost my Kinoma Player 4 EX (the only player I had after the update was the built-in Kinoma Player). In preparing to reinstall, I went to the Kinoma website and noticed that they just today released a new version of Kinoma Player 4 EX v.4.2.

    One of the biggest changes is that apparently Kinoma now supports SAG (previously, there would be constant stuttering/buffering that might it unuseable). Unfortunately, I've been unable to get any version of SAG to work on my 700p after the MR update...

    Below is the info for the new version of Kinoma. I'm not sure if I'll be able to post the link correctly, but I'll give it a try...

    New Features


    * The web browser on your PC caches web pages for faster access. Similarly, the new release of Kinoma Player 4 EX caches the areas of the Kinoma Media Guide that you use the most. This makes navigation nearly instantaneous for your favorite categories.

    More Compatible & Reliable

    * Some wireless carriers block video and audio delivered using UDP, an under-the-hood internet standard often used for live broadcasts. This release supports an alternate method of receiving live broadcasts, making playback more reliable on more networks than ever.

    * Some network cameras broadcast using Motion JPEG — essentially, a series of JPEG images — to deliver video. This release of Kinoma Player 4 EX now supports Motion JPEG streams, so you can view more types of webcams and network cameras. Motion JPEG is often used by traffic cams, and is supported in cameras from Axis, Panasonic and others.

    * Some MP3 and Windows Media (ASF) files are what we like to call "unusually formed". This release makes more of those unusually-formed MP3 and ASF files work.

    Stereo Bluetooth headphone support

    * Have you seen those cool, wireless Bluetooth headphones, and wondered when you can use them with Kinoma Player 4 EX? Now you can! This release adds support for Bluetooth stereo playback to A2DP-compatible headphones, headsets and speakers. Palm OS doesn't include A2DP support, so this feature requires Softick Audio Gateway v1.09 or later.

    Improved Palm OS Integration

    * Kinoma Player 4 EX now registers with Palm OS as a player for all of the file types that it supports. After you update, you'll automatically get an option to use Kinoma Player 4 EX to play your media from applications like Palm Files, Initiate, and other third-party launchers and file explorers.

    * Kinoma Player 4 EX works with your Palm's Find feature to search media files. Some of our customers wanted to be able to exclude media files from their searches, so we added this as an option to your Kinoma Player 4 EX preferences.

    What’s new in the Kinoma Media Guide?

    We've added more entries to the Kinoma Media Guide, bringing you an even bigger world of mobile content to explore.

    Check out the section below to see a partial sampling of many new additions to the Kinoma Media Guide. A new Traffic Information category has been added that centralizes access to the many Department of Transportation cameras, including "Motion JPEG" cameras, which are newly-supported in this release. You can find more Motion JPEG cameras under Internet Video > WebCams, in these new categories: Fun & Leisure, Museums & Galleries, and Travel and Universities.

    Be sure to review the What's New category to quickly check out the latest additions.

    You'll also notice the addition of icons to some of the entries. We'll continue to add art to the Kinoma Media Guide to make it easier to identify categories and feeds. If you're a content provider and would like to provide us with artwork for the Kinoma Media Guide, please contact us.

    More Radio Stations

    * ESPN Radio
    * Boomer Radio
    * 3wk Radio
    * Bashment Radio – “soca”/soul calypso music
    * Virgin Radio
    * Virgin Podcasts UK

    More Traffic Cameras

    * 175 in California
    * 175 in Florida
    * 128 in Georgia
    * 74 in Illinois
    * 27 in Kansas
    * 160 in Missouri
    * 148 in New Jersey
    * 74 in London

    More International Content

    * 6 new Hong Kong radio stations
    * 24 new Austrian radio stations
    * 10 new Italian radio stations
    * 37 new Middle East radio and TV stations
    * 37 new Russian language stations
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    thanks for the heads up, this is the final piece to my 650 to 755 upgrde puzzle... kinoma & SAG always worked together on my 650, but was a no go on my 755
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    No problem. I just posted info about the new version of Kinoma on the Softick boards. For the past couple of months, they (meaning Softick) have been blaming: 1) Palm for the faulty Bluetooth stack on the 700P, and 2) Kinoma for being incompatible with SAG. Now that both of these items have (supposedly) been addressed, could we finally have a new version of SAG that makes my 700p usable with my bluetooth headphones? I'm keeping my fingers crossed...

    p.s. I'm surprised to hear that you are having problems with your 755 and SAG -- have you tried version 1.12 yet? (it's specifically supposed to support the 755)
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    yeah I'm using version 1.12... SAG was working with every other media player except Kinoma... now all that's left is a 2nd battery for the 755.. then I can finally give the 650 its last rights...
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    Can you use it in the background?
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    Nope. Same as before -- you can turn off the screen while you're streaming, but as soon as you switch to another program, the streaming stops.
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    that totally sucks! ill keep using pTunes for my music since it can play in the background. its my palm, i dont want to hit calendar or respond to a txt and have my music stop!
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