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    Looks like a good alternate to the Backup Module.

    Has anyone tried this on a Visor with a CF card?

    With BackupBuddyVFS installed on your organizer, you can effortlessly backup your organizer’s critical files to the Sony Clie's Memory Stick or to Secure Digital or MultiMedia expansion cards for Palm organizers. In the event of a loss of data, you can then use BackupBuddyVFS to restore your organizer’s data from an expansion card. As a result, you no longer need to wait until you have access to your Hotsync cradle or a modem to backup or restore your data.


    One touch backup and restore of files to and from an expansion card

    Ability to easily customize what is backed up or restored

    Ability to backup your organizer every time you power off your organizer

    Ability to set a time every day when BackupBuddyVFS will backup your organizer

    Jog dial support!

    Optionally backs up files deleted from the organizer to the expansion card so that such files can be easily located and reinstalled if needed

    Ability to beam or delete files on your organizer from within BackupBuddyVFS

    Streamlined interface displays the status of backup and restore operations while they are in progress
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    This is the only mention of Visors I found in the manual, so I don't know if we can use this program.
    BackupBuddyVFS Limitations
    The BackupBuddyVFS currently has the following limitation:
    It cannot backup or restore data in flash memory, on HandSpring Visor Springboard modules or files marked “read-only” on the organizer.
    (I only have regular Flash modules, so I can't test it.)
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    I don't think that BackupBuddyVFS works with CF. Correct me if I am wrong.
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    the VFS version is really for the newer Palm and Sony models. It really has no benefit for Handspring devices because they don't have the Virtual File System built in.
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    this is quote from Flash Adapter forum

    "Handspring is not likely to offer an OS 4.x upgrade. The OS ROMs in
    the Visor cannot be reprogrammed and patches to add *all* the new OS
    4.x functionality would consume an obscene amount of RAM.

    However, the VFS is designed to be a "stand-alone" piece of the
    OS. Apps can use the VFS feature without requiring all of the OS 4.x
    functionality. VFS apps will currently run on the Clie (which is OS
    3.5.2 with a VFS library) and I believe TRG will have a version of OS
    3.5.2 with VFS support available soon.

    The bad news is that FlashAdapter VFS support is probably at least two
    months away. There is also a problem with VFS requiring the
    "Notification" OS feature which does not exist in OS 3.1 on the
    VDX. In any case, we will at least get the API close enough to the
    Palm VFS standard that developers with VFS apps could modify them to
    work with the FlashAdapter with almost no effort.

    - Dave Kessler
    President - Kopsis, Inc.
    Have A Good Day!
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