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    After the update I no longer get a screen showing who is calling when I am on a call! All I hear is the call waiting beep I can still switch over using the green button but not being able to tell who it is before I do is crazy??!?!! Am I the only one?
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    Works fine on mine. Do you happen to have any overlay hacks that my be causing this problem? If so try removing them and see if you still have the same problem.
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    paulg1981, same problem here.. Sprint in South Florida -- no overlays
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    No hacks and just off a hard reset after MR update. Chatted with "technical support" at palm and they suggested a hard reset I explained that doing a hard reset is like suggesting to format the HD to uninstall a program and they politely apologized for the trouble. A hard reset cleared it up but still not sure why....ahhhh now back to loading my apps and prefs

    Thanks for your reply TCmembers are far more helpful than palm always
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    Google Maps
    Flight Status
    Palm Backup
    Quick News

    Do you have any overlapping apps?
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    I had google maps installed but I am not sure what you are getting at? Do you have issues also?
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    Yes, Having the same call waiting issues... Did you have any of the maps listed installed that I had installed? If so which ones?
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    Just had Google Maps from your list....ahhh don't tell me i can't use google maps now!
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    let me know if all works fine after your hard reset and re-install...
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    will do
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    seems to be working fine after hard reset and reinstall with same apps?!
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    haven't had that problem and if I do I will go ape sh*t... I spend a lot of time on the phone and do a ton of selective answering...

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    Hard reset and re-install apps worked fine... I have Call waiting back...

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