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    Ive heard of some programs that claim to extend the battery life of the treo any of this true? if so how? and somewhat related... when i get out of a program.. like a game.. does it shut the game down or just pauses it and still uses up battery and resource? how do i shut down programs running in the background?
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    You must be a former Windoze device user. Palm apps typically don't "run" when they are not opened up or on screen.

    There few exceptions like PocketTunes (PT) or email programs that may run in background but this is not the rule.

    So unless you have PT playing music or a mail app checking every few minutes then it is safe to say the battery is not being used.

    Now some devices send a periodic purse that keeps the device awake for noticing or ensure data is there (or something) but this is minimal and wouldn't be an issue unless the device was not place on a charger for days or weeks.
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    A Treo w/ the cell radio and bluetooth off should easily last for a week with usage (based on experience when I've been overseas w/ my sprint treo). However, if the cell radio is on, even if you dont make a lot of calls, after 2 days the cell radio will have lowered the charge down to about near 0 (also based on experience).
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    yeah this is my first palm.. always been a PPC guy till i got this one.. haha.. took me a while to switch to macs too haha.
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    I have noticed after a few charge cycles my battery is starting to last longer I would say longer than my 700p but then again I had the 700p on more since it would reset and I would have to start over again..

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