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    I am planning to get a 755 soon, the only thing holding me back is I do not know how best to transfer all my info over to the 755 from my 600. I have a few applications that I would like to move too, but I would settle for just the data. I am very dependent on my 600 calendar, notes, contacts (and probably some other stuff I am forgetting) that I do not want to move until I can do it smoothly.

    Could you give me some tips/guidance on the simplest and most effective way to transfer my stuff over?

    I am using an XP PC, and on the 600 I run TakePhone, Butler, (Snappermail, but I don't need to transfer it or the messages), Opera, and some others that I use rarely.

    Thanks much!
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    Can anyone help?
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    Quote Originally Posted by treeofan View Post
    Can anyone help?
    I am the last person to ever say anything about someone not searching because I believe it's very hard to search this board, but there are many threads in this 755 forum that covers this and this sections only three weeks old. I've answered it now three times so I think nobody else answered it because the answer is already here and easy to find. Not everyone agrees with me on this but Palm believes it works and I know quite a few that have done it and it works. Here's my post from before:

    To migrate your info over FIRST install the new disk on your computer. Ths will update the Palm Desktop program and then when it tells you to hotsync (don't do it before) then hotsync. It will put anything that was incompatable in an incompatable file, but I found there was not much that showed up as incompatable. Your email settings and everything should be just the same but you might have to put some registration numbers for 3rd party programs back into the programs (I doubt this too).
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    Searching for "migrate" came up with this very useful thread, although it was down the list a ways
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    Thanks Rick and Grim.

    Sorry for not searching more, I was a bit confused by what I read when I searched recently.

    I appreciate your help.
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    Well I bought a 755 on saturday, had a 600 (loved it).

    It was just time.

    I just synced the 600, them detacted it, synced the 755. It is running fine. I had to throw out a few apps. Like Off, and upgrade Megalauncher.

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