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    I did the update and now when I try to press the speed dial to call out, it goes to the map screen. I have to press the phone button again to see the progress (caller info) on the screen. The caller ID still shows the previous caller rather than the current caller. I can receive calls OK. Has anyone had any sucess with this update with the Infiniti M series?
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    I am having no outgoing call problems on my '06 M45. Haven't received a call yet so I can't say about Caller ID.
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    I haven't done the MR update on my Sprint 700p (too chicken, and I can live with the bugginess). BT works fairly well on my '07 Infiniti M35x, including voice recognition and caller ID. Occassionally gets buggy (usually with outgoing calls), but a soft reset fixes everything.
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    I have to do a soft reset each time I get into my 335i because it hangs at the 'connecting' screen in the car. Once I do that, it's good.

    (But I shouldn't have to do that)

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    My VZW 700P ver. 1.10 connects fine with BT in my 06 M35x. It's one of the few things that the MR did improve since it used to disconnect and reconnect frequently. I did have to delete the BT profile in both the car and phone and set it up again after the MR since it would not connect when I first tried it.

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