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    It is my understanding that EAS was included in the 700p MR. My question is this: When the MR is complete and you then perform a restore of programs from SD card (which includes the original EAS programs) Which version is actually being used? ROM or RAM?

    If the RAM version I would expect to be able to delete all the MM helpers and EAS from RAM, perform a reset and be back in business...right?
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    That is correct. Versamail, the one that is in ROM, now includes the EAS update so you do not need any of the Versamail files you previously installed. Just my two cents but everytime an update for any treo I own comes out I do a HARD RESET directly after completing it and then rebuild my phone with the apps I need. Saves me a lot of issues (my update went perfectly and I have had no compatibility issues) with existing prefs and settings. Good luck
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    Thanks. I removed the EAS files in RAM did a reset and everything appears OK. I will probably take your advice and hard reset my 700p then re-install key applications.

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