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    As of last week, it's been consistently taking a full 15 secs (of white screen) for Blazer to launch on my 680.

    This is the case regardless of:

    - whether I have prefs set up to start with blank page, home page, or bookmark view

    - whether I'm still connected to TMoWeb (i.e., even if I've been web browsing, switched to phone, and came right back to browser).

    - hard reset

    Browser cache has been cleared, I don't have a lot of bookmarks, and I'm not using any fancy proxy stuff or any 3rd party apps.

    thanks for any help!
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    Also, delete your cookies. That seems to speed it up a bit.
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    I nuked cookies, but upon returning to blazer, the cookie file is always like 18K, even though i haven't surfed. Suspecting corruption, I downloaded Resco Explorer and tried to delete the "blazer cookies" file. Unfortunately, it won't let me, saying "the file is still open".
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    Try deleting it with "FileZ".
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