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    Now that the MR for the 700P is out, is there any significant difference between the fixed 700P and the 755? Any reason to buy the 755?
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    The 755p shell is just beautiful. The texture, the light weight, the feel in your hand, no antenna, the mini SD door, all that makes it look beautiful. Internally, the screen is much more crispy and sharper, the speaker is louder and camera seems better.

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    Sprint does not sell the 700p anymore so you have no choice but to get the 755p unless you buy used or on ebay.

    I updated the 700p with the MR the day my replacement 755p came in the mail, and side by side the 755p is very very noticeably faster, the speaker on the 755p is loud clear, I used to use a volume care on my 700p and had the volume nearly all the way up now with the 755p no joke I dont have VC installed and I think that even the lowest volume setting is louder than the 700p on full volume.

    For me the MR did not help out the lag at all on the 700p and I was just fed up with it and quickly put it into the UPS box and sent it back, so far the 755p is what the 700p should of been from the start and I couldn't be happier.
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    Quote Originally Posted by prubin View Post
    Now that the MR for the 700P is out, is there any significant difference between the fixed 700P and the 755? Any reason to buy the 755?
    700P pros
    • Can use 8GB+ SDHC cards (Uses SD cards is a big one for me)
    • More accessories
      • I can get a pen-styli so I always have a pen with me
      • Can get a mega monster battery pack for days of battery life - 3300mAh
    • Can burn custom ROMs now
    • Available on multiple carriers now (I know no verizon MR, but that's Verizon for you, they take longer to certify things.)
    755p pros
    • Incredibly nice physical design: Rubber skin, compact, lightweight, better fit in the hand, looks better, choice of colors
    • Clearer, brighter, and better colored screen
    • Seems like there are hardware changes as overall performance is better than upgraded 700p. (It's not a super huge deal, you must test all your apps carefully on the 700p MR, some of them cause the lag to reappear)
    • enclosed expansion media slot (Uses physically smaller expansion cards)
    • Includes an IM client
    • Camera seems faster than 700p
    I am going to be testing both over the next couple of weeks. Right now I am leaning towards using the 700p, for two reasons: battery life and large SD capacity. The 755p will probably go to my wife. (I am a much heavier user of the device, my wife just uses camera, phone and chattermail)

    Over time I expect the advantages that the 700p now has will fade away and will clearly be outpaced by the 755p. Currently if you are a 700p owner, I would probably wait to replace my phone. If on the other hand, I was buying a new phone, I would definitely get a 755p.
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    Finished the 700p MR yesterday(not without a mirade of installation problems). Even with the update the 700p doesn't compare to the 755. In comparison the 700p now feels like a brick and the lag is still there, albeit a bit less. The 755 in a side side comparison shows more information on the screen viewing the exact same web page, the keyboard and all the buttons have a much more tactile feel. Network speed is a draw. As someone said, this is what the 700p should've been from the beginning.. I think they have finally reach the perfect size and functionality, for me, it can't get any better......wait a minute.....until they give us WiFi in this box
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    Brandorr, how are you burning custom ROMs on the 700p? Nothing on the grack site.

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