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    I just got a Prism today and finally got the thing set up. I especially like WordSmith in color, except for one minor annoyance: the pale blue background behind the Memo/Document lists. I'd much prefer a stark white background. Is there are way to change this, ideally without third-party software like Chrome?
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    This is the only thing i've found that works. Look at the screen about 15 degrees off-axis.
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    Yeah, that's pretty much what I've been doing, seriously! The other thing is to access the standard Memo Pad app, which lists the memos with a white background. Unfortunately, of course, this doesn't work with Doc listings.
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    I emailed Bluenomad today asking for graphics support. I have Word documents with charts etc.. that I need to be able to see. How hard can it be to support graphics, in color of course?

    This is important.
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    I too have emailed Blue Nomad about Tables support in Wordsmith. Many of my reports contain tables, yet Wordsmith does not display them. The content is displayed, but the table formatting is lost. By the time I re-sync back to my computer, get the tables thing fixed again in Word, it is really a waste of my time. I am stuck with using Docs to Go which, while not nearly as feature full as Wordsmith, does fully support tables. Blue Nomad says that tables support is on their to-do list, but they do not have a timetable for its inclusion.

    I have also talked to Megasoft2000 about tables support in MegaDoc. They also said it was on their to-do list and would probably make it into MegaDoc within six months or less. Now that Iambic has purchased MegaDoc from Megasoft2000, however, I don't know where that will leave tables support...

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